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“All Fired Up”

On the New Que_87940173_queensferry_crossingensferry Crossing Project UCATT were able to support 6 deck hands working within dangerous shore waters in the Firth of Forth. These deck hands require the STCW95 qualification as there will be a change in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency law as from next year. With the project coming to an end, and with the likelihood of these workers being paid off, this qualification was imperative for workers to obtain future employment in similar work.

STCW95 is a safety qualification which in this instance included 5 Units spread over a 5 day period delivered by City of Glasgow College. Units included Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Technique, Elementary First Aid and Proficiency in Security Awareness. The units were very practical simulating real life experiences with learners participating in firefighting in over 200 degree heat and up righting a capsized life raft.
One of the learners Brian Conjoice said

“this course was by far the best course I have been on, the practical elements in particular the 2.5 day firefighting unit was excellent. We were on a rescue mission in a smoke filled room which we thought was a huge room when in reality it was only 4ft by 4ft”.


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