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Tackling the Digital Divide

One of the major growth areas of demand with the Collective Learning partnership has been around the use of new technology including ‘Tablet Devices and Smartphones’. With thousands of workers owning devices for business, social and academic use, and many employers now introducing the technology for use in the workplace, a clear gap has been identified in the knowledge and skills of users. Courses have focussed on the knowledge on how to source information from different websites and the ability to use handheld devices. In addition it has become clear that an understanding of the legalities surrounding the use of social media both in and out of the workplace is a key component of any training. An appreciation of safe internet use and security, and an understanding of ‘applications’ (Apps) is vital. Every course has been different with content being adjusted to suit each group of learners, whether they are within the rail industry, the finance sector or from manufacturing.
With the Festive period just around the corner, Union Learning Representatives have already indicated that there is likely to be a surge in demand for new courses in 2017. City of Glasgow College as part of its commitment to the Collective Learning Partnership have invested in 15 Apple I-Pads and 10 Samsung Galaxy Tablet devices. In addition 10 mobile internet routers have been purchased to enhance and expand the delivery of courses across Scotland.

“I attended a “Tackling the Digital Divide” Digital skills training course ran by City of Glasgow College, Trade Union Education Centre.
The course was attended by a mixture of grades of staff from ScotRail such as Travel Shop staff to Conductors and Train Drivers all looking to enhance our varied knowledge and skills using new technology. Our Tutor Scott McCabe took us all through the process of basics of how to turn on the equipment, learning how to use applications, and personalising the equipment to work better for us and our needs in our posts.

Technology has come on leaps and bounds since I left school, leaving many technology users including myself behind. Scott took me through using the accessibility options to make the equipment work better for me and my needs as a Dyslexic which was invaluable as technology can make life easier for Dyslexics and improves confidence and productivity. The two day course gave me the transferable skills and knowledge to work with technology on android platforms and to make it better serve my needs and lighten my work load. Other participants benefited from learning to be comfortable and confident using technology and are looking to attend European Computing Driving Licence courses in the future.I have recommended this course to my work colleagues and friends as it benefits their transferable skills as well as enhancing their work lives.”

Barry Weldon (RMT/First ScotRail)

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