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CV and Interview Skills

Peel Ports Hunterston

Redundancy is never a situation that you wish to be in and the help and assistance we received through the CLP was invaluable to our members.  Many of those had worked within Peel Ports for many years and it had been some time since they last had to write a CV let alone go through an interview.

The CV writing and interview courses delivered at Peel Ports were organised by Unite and delivered by the Trade Union Centre, City of Glasgow College due to redundancy situation within the workplace.

The course content included; CV building to suit individual requirements, covering letter, saving and uploading a CV and interview techniques.

The content of the courses was decided after initial discussions with the learners, the tutor assessed individual and collective needs.

Daunting as it was for them 2 cohorts attended a CV and Interview skills workshop with June (McLean) which gave them the confidence and tools to be successful in getting their skills outlined and taking the dread out of the interviewing process.  They may not all be employed as yet; however a couple of them have managed to secure employment.  For those who are still looking they do so with renewed self-assurance and a few pointers up their sleeves.

The feedback from the courses were very positive, some comments in the end of course evaluations included the following;

More confidence, good information given

It will help me with application for jobs

The new skills will help me keep my CV up to date

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