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Here is a selection of quotes and feedback from a mixture of Learners, Employers and Trade Unions over the last 10 years.


“I can’t wait for the next course start?”

“I am going to join our Facebook page and meet up with the course group to keep  practicing what we learned on the course.”

“Having left school 35 years ago, I have surprised myself how well  I’ve learned and how interesting it has been learning new things.”  (Diageo)

“I love learning sign language and I will be encouraging others to do the same.”

“Using a computer confidently is extremely handy skill to have.”

“I have learned basic sign language to communicate with deaf visitors at work” (Glasgow museum worker)

“Excellent tutor, great attitude, very approachable and supportive. She created a comfortable learning environment.”

“It is always helpful to be able to assist and  communicate with members of the public who are deaf.”

“We have a regular visitor to our library who uses sign language, I now hope to communicate better with him. “

“The course really helped me to communicate with some of our service users, I have already had several conversations in sign with a regular service user.”

“ I have always been apprehension about entering back into education but the short fun Spanish course really has given me the appetite to learn more.”


“We work as a team were we are all passionate about lifelong learning , I find that motivational.” ( HR Diageo)

“ Unlocked the  learning potential of hundreds of learner.”

“I am seeing much better performance by my team and I am seeing much more willingness to take on new challenges  and do different things.”

“Lifelong learning courses enable learners to develop themselves in several ways.”

Reduced employees’ turnover and absentees and lower number of grievances.”

“working with management, the ULRs have established a  fully equipped workplace learning Centre creating an environment where workers really enjoy learning.” (CWU)

I have witnessed a positive shift in our staffs’ approach and attitude to change in the workplace which has been a direct result of the workplace learning.”


“Beneficial to members and the employer alike.”

“The College was extremely accommodating, especially when we ran a course for our nightshift workers.”

“The ULR has created a successful progression pathway supporting them in opportunities within the workplace to move on to other roles.”

“Members also obtain social benefits from the course they attend in the workplace.”

“CLP provides flexible learning opportunities for members and potential members, enabling them to embark on a learning journey of their choice. “

“Union lead learning brings people really good opportunities.”

“ Member lead learning provided through the CLP removes many barriers to learning that existed for a large number of our members including the lack of confidence, time and free income.”



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