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Using Computers


Learning to Learn on the Internet (20 hours)

This course introduces learners to the world of online learning. It covers both the technical aspects involved and the way learning takes place on line. The course covers, Logging On, Using Discussion forums, downloading documents, working with others online including group working, using web based resources, and responding to tutor led educational sessions. The course also covers aspects of roles and responsibilities online including time management.

Using Computers Stage One (20 hours)

This course introduces learners to Computers and its many functions.  The course introduces learners to how to use computers safely, and introduces some of the Word processing functions, including elements of: Creating and Saving documents, Editing and Formatting Text, Cut / Copy and Paste, and Using Clip Art.  The course also looks at how Word Processing can enhance and develop Grammar and Punctuation and Letter Writing Skills.  This course also introduces learners to the Internet.  This course can be adapted to meet the needs of particular groups of learners.

Using Computers Stage Two (20 hours)

This course further develops the learners Computer skills and as well as using new functions within Microsoft Word also introduces learners to the use of Spread sheets including formulas, creating charts and tables, using numbers in everyday situations, questionnaire design and presenting numerical information.  It gives learners the opportunity to identify how to the use of IT could enhance their everyday skills in working with numbers, collation and the presentation of data.  The course also further develops Internet skills and introduces learners to the use of email.  Leaners will enhance their skills for use at home and the workplace.

Using Computers Stage Three (20 hours)

The course builds upon Stages One and Two and prepares course members to enhance their new found skills within Word Processing and Spread sheets.  This course also takes the learners into the use of PowerPoint Presentations and helps enhance their visual and verbal communication skills.  This course further develops skills in the use of email and the internet.

Tackling the Digital Divide 

This course helps new learners to understand new technology including hand held tablets devices and mobile smart phones, the course included basic operation, mobile security, the use of applications, staying safe online, the storing of documents and other useful other information for those new to this type of technology.



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