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The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is an internationally recognised qualification in computing and IT which demonstrates that the holder of the award has a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge of the main uses and applications of computers and the Internet in business and everyday life.  The qualification is available in over 125 countries and is a benchmark qualification that enables holders to develop their IT skills and enhance their career prospects.

ECDL Essentials

ECDL Essentials is an introduction to the world of technology.  With units covering the fundamentals of using IT, ECDL Essentials has a particular focus on the first steps in using a computer, explaining the internet and email, and teaching about how they can be used safely and productively.

What modules are included?

There are 3 modules in ECDL Essentials.  You will be assessed at the end of each module.  The modules are:-

  • IT User Fundamentals (Module 2)
  • Using Email and the Internet (Module 7)
  • Security for IT Users (Module 1)


ECDL Extra

The ECDL Extra course builds on your existing experience and basic knowledge to improve your understanding of computer applications including word processing, spread sheets and presentation software.

What modules are included?

There are 4 modules in ECDL Extra.  You will be assessed at the end of each module.  The modules are:-

  • Word Processing (Module 3)
  • Spread sheet Software (Module 4)
  • Presentation Software (Module 6)
  • Improving Productivity Using IT (Module 8)

For more information on the ECDL please visit here.


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