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Modern Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Students acquire and improve skills in listening and speaking and as well as studying grammar and widening their vocabulary in different contexts. Students are helped to learn flexibly and independently using a variety of methods. Students will be expected to complete homework tasks and activities outside the taught classes.

Modern Languages Stage One (20 hours)

These courses are a great introduction to, Spanish, French, or Italian and will help when meeting people, making introductions, sharing personal information like name, age, job etc and holding conversations at home and abroad. The courses also introduce the alphabet and looks at how to spell and use basic grammatical structure.

Modern Languages Stage Two (20 hours)

These courses build on the lessons from the Stage One course, and introduce both verbal and written language communication. The course covers giving and receiving directions, using transport and requesting information. The language skills learned here will also help learners hold a short conversation about work, their job or the union with a colleague.

Sign Language Stage One (20 hours)

This course introduces the sign alphabet, and spelling in sign. The course also covers meeting people, introductions, and sharing personal information about home life and work. It is an excellent introduction the Sign Language and prepares you for a follow on course.

Sign Language Stage Two (20 hours)

This course builds on the lessons learned in the Stage One course. Topics covered include shopping, banking, countries and places, and more detailed personal and job related information. The course will be helpful socially at both home and work.


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